"Missed The 2-Day Virtual Summit?"
You Still Have The Chance To Get The Cliff Notes of Patric's Presentation - FOR FREE!
Have you ever wondered IF there might just be a closely guarded group of marketers and internet entrepreneurs who are silently running profitable online businesses and NOT speaking at the seminars in the Asia region?

So that's what the Affiliates.com.my Virtual Summit is about - you'll get to learn how successful entrepreneurs and marketers are ACTUALLY selling online and building profitable businesses. To read the full description of the summit, you can visit summitoftheyear.com/2021.

We even have ClickBank as our Guest Speaker!

The bad news is, the summit's already over. We are also not releasing the recordings simply because some of the speakers' presentations were not in 100% accurate English.
Patric Chan, Internet Marketing Pioneer and organizer of the Affiliates.com.my Summit
The Good News: The Cliff Notes Webinar!
In the Affiliates com.my Virtual Summit, I've spent over 5 hours to teach some of my most powerful business strategies for 2021. 

On this 9th February 2021, I'm going to do an exclusive webinar based on what I've presented in the 2 days summit, it's called...
Patric Chan's Summit Presentation Cliff Notes Webinar
This is an exclusive webinar I did, teaching based on what I've presented in the 2 days summit. Although it's not possible for me to share everything, but I'll extract the key strategies and ideas, so that you are getting the "Cliff Notes".

THE GOOD NEWS IS, I'm going to give the recording of this training for FREE.

About Patric Chan:

Patric Chan is an internet marketing pioneer, international speaker and best-selling author of 3 physical books.

In 2003, he started his internet marketing business. He has been invited to speak at seminars and within 3 years, he has spoken in 11 countries as an authority including in United States, United Kingdom and China. In 2008, he started his own seminar to teach and have trained over 11,000 students offline alone in Malaysia.

Patric and his products have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur.com and CNN.

In the internet marketing industry, he is known as ClickBank Super Affiliate and also, been awarded as a ClickBank Platinum for 7 years in a row.

Locally, Patric has been invited to speak for Penang State Government and University Science Malaysia's organisations on the topic of online entrepreneurship, including for a charity youth organization.
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