For the time being, we are unable to confirm the venue and the date for the summit. Reason is, originally, we have book the venue in ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur. You may have heard the news - unfortunately, ParkRoyal will be closed for business for 15 months. We can't book a new venue because most hotels that can cater for our room size are not able to confirm the booking as well (as they don't know if they can operate on the dates).

But you can still secure your seat today. Thus, we are offering it at SUPER EARLY BIRD. Once we know the venue and date, the price will then increase.

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Experience The First Ever Event By "Non-Speakers" In Malaysia - Get Access to Proven Strategies Of Internet Entrepreneurs You've Probably Never Heard Of...
The summit
The #1 Ever Summit in Malaysia, Featuring Experts With Real Online Businesses
Have you ever wondered IF there might just be a closely guarded group of marketers and internet entrepreneurs who are silently running profitable online businesses and NOT speaking at the seminars?
Patric Chan, #1 Internet Marketing Pioneer and organizer of the Summit
After training more than 11,000 students offline and countless online since 2004, including spoken in 12 countries as an authority of internet marketing, I've seen them

One of the reasons is because some of them are my clients and students, they are doing VERY WELL online but they are not in the "speaking" business.

You see, they don’t go around looking for publicity. They are usually low profile here - they don’t advertise their accomplishments because they don’t need to, nor want to.

Secondly, even if they are not my clients, I get to know some of the most successful digital marketers and internet entrepreneurs through my "connections" in this industry.
In these 2 days summit, you'll get to learn how successful entrepreneurs and marketers are ACTUALLY selling online. 

Just so you know, they are hand-picked by me to be on stage for you - each speaker is verified by showing me their websites that are generating revenue and profit. Because they need to be doing what they are teaching.
Introducing, the 2-Day Summit!
In the 2 days summit, attendees will get to learn through real life "case studies" by the experts - HOW successful entrepreneurs and marketers are getting customers for their businesses. And, the best part is, it's based on strategies that ordinary people can follow too.
They Will Be Teaching By SHOWING YOU HOW THEY DO IT!

Here Are The Topics We Will Be Covering...
  • Social media marketing to build your brand and attract free traffic
  • Facebook ads (this is a must for Malaysia market)
  • Digital publishing business - how to sell eLearning product in Malaysia and even worldwide
  • ​Physical product eCom business 
  • ​Any other digital marketing hacks to increase conversions or for business growth
  • ​HOW to start an online business as a newbie or beginner because many are just starting out in Malaysia
All of the 4 speakers will remain confidential at this stage. Because after all, it "does not" matter what are their names are - the only thing that matters is convincing them to show you how their secret strategies. They are on stage because of the RESULTS THEY HAVE, it has nothing to do with their names. And by the way, they don't need the publicity and probably, they DON'T WANT IT EITHER. 

When the date gets closer, I'll be sharing the rest of the speakers. But for now, I want to share the first 3 experts...

The Six Million Dollar eCom Man 

The $6,000,000 dollar is not even his revenue yet - that's just how much this expert has spent for the Facebook Ads' cost to promote his eCommerce business! 

That works out to be over RM 24 million from just one Facebook ad account that he's running. 

But the most interesting part is, he was traveling around the world while working less than a day a week in total for the operation. 

Truth is, I have to literally pull strings to convince him to be here for you. So get ready to hear from this expert because you won't see him on any seminar stage in Malaysia, he doesn't need to speak and he doesn't live in Malaysia too!

Secret Marketing Strategy: PR

How do you use press release as a powerful marketing weapon to build your brand and get free traffic?

This is probably the most "unknown" marketing channel to marketers and online business owners.

Frankly, I don't think there's any press release "marketer" out there who can match this expert's experience and expertise...

Because this expert has been responsible for sending out 256,000 press releases for clients, all around the world!

You are not learning from a "speaker", you are learning from an EXPERT who's practicing this strategy for YEARS.

In fact, in this presentation, he'll be kind enough to share with us a case study how a press release was able to drive 6 figures of sales for his client!

Evergreen Funnel

This expert is unknown in Malaysia, yet, he's probably generating more income  compare to any of those seminar speakers who are talking about FUNNELS.

On top of that, he works very little. 

His business model is simply this - build an online information product business with a powerful funnel.

Then, drive traffic to it via Facebook and let it run by itself with automation. 

This way, he has time to spend with his family, including fetching his kids to school every day and pursuing his own "time wasting" hobby! :)

If your goal is to have an online business so that you have more time with your family, you really want to meet this expert and learn from him.

During the presentation, he'll walk you through how he did it and share with you the latest funnel strategies for this year...

How To Start From Scratch

This expert is one of the pioneers in the local market in Malaysia. 

However, an accident happened and it was a near-death experience for him. Because of the accident, he wasn't able to continue his online business - physically and mentally too. But after 2 years, he started again, to build his digital product business from "scratch".

I'm bringing this expert to stage is because I want you to learn HOW do you get started (if you are a beginner) and if you are an experienced marketer, you'll realize that "nothing's impossible" - if he can do it, there's really no excuse for you to succeed even further.

Some Feedbacks From The First Summit's Attendees...

  The 2-Day Summit
Date: TO BE ADVICE | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ticket Price: RM 498 SUPER EARLY BIRD: Only RM 98
The ticket to the 2 full days summit is RM 498. However, we're now opening up the Super Early Bird offer for only RM 498 RM 98. 

The reason why we're offering so much discount, up to 80% for the Super Early Bird is because we are using the ticket sales to place deposit for the summit's venue.

Once we have reached the quota, you won't get a super deal anymore. In fact, the price may even be more than RM 498 by then! 

For instance, if we ended up bringing a guest speaker from United States, the cost could be very expensive and we'll be charging higher price for the ticket then.
But one thing is for sure - if you grab it NOW, it's going to be at the LOWEST PRICE and you'll be getting the BEST DEAL!

Click the button below to secure your seat today....

"It Was Because Of My Ego..."
Why I decided to organize this massive 2-day summit and do so much work for myself?

I mean, humbly, I'm already "free". I don't need to organize a summit to make money for my company simply because our internet businesses are generating sales every day.

Frankly, I was driven to do this is because of my own ego. :)

Do allow me to explain - you see, I do get regular invitations to speak at seminars and events. However, the organizers will usually ask me this question:

"May I know what are you planning to sell after your presentation?"

So, if I'm speaking on stage, I'm FORCED to sell something and I don't like that. Don't get me wrong; there's absolutely nothing wrong in selling, I do sell as well but I don't want to "speak to sell" each time I go on stage. Soon, I realize this is how the industry works - so I have to turn down every single invitation that comes to me (this is why, you have never seen me speaking on stages for YEARS NOW, unless I get to speak without pitching).

Then I had an idea - Instead of speaking on some other event's stage, why not, I'll just do my own summit, MY OWN WAY?

So, here we are - the Summit.

As for the speakers, they are very unlikely to sell you anything too because they have nothing to offer to you. They are not in the "coaching" or "workshop" business, they are way too busy with their own internet businesses. They are on stage because they want to share their knowledge (and also, doing me a favor).

ANOTHER REASON - personally, this is the kind of event that I would want to attend for myself and learn.

Who Is Suitable To Attend The Summit?
If you are starting out, you should attend because with so much noise out there, I think you need to know what works (and what doesn't). And if you are already in the game, this is going to be the best summit for you ever - this is your rare opportunity to hack other entrepreneurs strategies for your own business!
 The Newbies
The newbies are those who haven't gotten started anything yet. Come to the summit to learn how real internet entrepreneurs are building their businesses and generating income. Don't waste your time learning from "experts" who make a living by selling their courses. Even if you are doing network marketing, selling real estates or insurance, this is going to be suitable for you to figure out how you can use digital marketing, rather than sticking to offline conventional and slow methods.
 The Beginners
Beginners are those who have learned about starting online businesses and digital marketing, however, they haven't seem to be able to launch it well. Sometimes, all you need is to make your first dollar online as a beginner - the speakers can tell you how to achieve this because all of them have been in your shoe before.
 The Business Owners And Company Execs
You are looking for the right online business model that meets your preference and the resources you have. After you have learned the speaker's strategies, you'll be able to pick the ideal model for you to diversify your company or business portfolio. Frankly, this is perfect for business owners, founders, startups and executives wanting to know the next "big idea" that can generate massive income.
 The "Hackers"
The hackers are those who are already running their own online businesses and doing digital marketing. Looking for the next growth hack? This summit is going to be full of tactics and strategies you can steal. Just one NEW IDEA (or strategy) is all the Hacker needs to get many more sales for their business.
 The Online Retailers
There are so many parts to selling physical products - managing inventory, buying ads, optimizing the store, product sourcing and so on. If you have a store or planning to launch one, this summit will give the knowledge you needed to succeed. After all, learning from other stores is the best way to get right.
 The Side Hustlers
The side hustlers look out for viable business models that they can do "part time". But interestingly, some of them may even generate more income from their side hustling businesses than their current jobs! You'll be learning so many different types of online businesses that you can start as a side hustle.
 The Agencies
You are helping clients to improve their sales. Albert Einstein says, "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Pick up new proven tactics and strategies from the summit to be applied into your client's business. This is probably the best shortcut for you to get paid more money.
 The Digital Product Marketer
You are the same breed as I am. Personally, I'll also be taking notes from the speakers. Do I need to say more than you should be in the room with me?
These are the topics you'll be learning...
Funnel is the hottest marketing strategy and will continue to be used aggressively in 2020.
Without a proper business operation, you don't have a business. You have a job where you are trading time for money.
How to build a business in the lucrative knowledge-based industry and the ever-growing eLearning trend.
The many different models and strategies of selling physical product through eCommerce stores and marketplaces.
How to get free traffic from social media and the strategy of running Facebook ads.
The internet is a platform to build a business but within this platform, there are so many other sub-platforms of opportunities.
Regardless of being in Malaysia, an internet business allows someone to earn USD by selling to worldwide customers. Doesn't matter if you want to do this just from home.
The ultimate strategy to a long-term business is by building a brand and the most powerful method for brand-building is through content marketing.

Final Message from Patric Chan:

I started my first webpage in 2003 and through trials and errors, I made my first sale 8 months later on. I don't have any technical skill or background. I just have the DESIRE TO SUCCEED.

In 2004, I started my first class. By 2005, I've been invited to speak at seminars and within 3 years, I've spoken in 11 countries including United States, United Kingdom and China. In 2008, I started my own seminar to teach about starting an online business and digital marketing in Malaysia - helped thousands of Malaysians.

The point is - I've seen so many speakers who teach but don't even have a real online business of their own. 

My hope for Summit is simply this - I can make a difference to help fellow Malaysians to learn from authentic internet entrepreneurs and one day, you'll also be invited to be a speaker and share with others on this stage.
  The 2-Day Summit
Date: TO BE ADVICE | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ticket Price: RM 498 SUPER EARLY BIRD RM 98
The ticket to the 2-day summit is RM 498.

However, because it's Super Early Bird as mentioned earlier on this page, we're now offering it for only RM 498 RM 98. 

7 speakers, including Patric Chan. 2 full days of solid learning where the speakers are REVEALING their real-life business models and strategies.

Make sure to bring a notepad with you because you'll writing so many ideas to make money online and strategies to grow your online business. And don't forget your name cards too - you'll never know who you'll be networking with and also, another "underground" internet millionaire could be sitting beside you in the summit.

 Click the button below to lock-in your seat before the Super Early Birds are gone...
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